Privacy Policy

The privacy policy on our website refers to our partners. Our website refers to a group of companies in the online casino provider network. All online slot game websites and gambling customers who use our website provide personal information to our website. Online Slot Game Providers

1. Maintain information. Get customer information. Customer value is very important. For customer data or bank account transactions.Commitment to protecting the player information we provide. We promise not to share customer information in any way. How do bank customers collect and use your personal information?

– Your information collected by the Bank for the transaction is your only source of personal information. Your legal rights

– Do not transfer or transfer your data to third parties.

– It’s time to collect personal information.

– Advanced security

– banking You must keep confidential * Changes to the privacy notice are per user.

2. Customer information; Website Members Website Agreement; advice Prepare your application before accessing the license and delivery of online slot game products and/or services. Google Chrome Firefox Microsoft Edge; deliver products and/or services to you on Android and iOS phones; games, game cheats Web browsers, including the contents of the Web site client system.

This includes recommendations for online products and/or services in various public areas. This includes performing any function on the website but creating a defect in its performance. or the duties of the Service shall be appropriate for each person’s use of the Service.

– Verify your identity in transactions before playing.

– Follow requests or demands of customers who are kneeling to use freely.

– Online casino services on the Internet; online Supported by mobile phones and other platforms on the website.

– track your transactions; Confirm or record. Don’t make mistakes

– Reports (produce reports such as the business reports you request. Or internal reports on the website have a registry that can advise)

Operational Warning Usage Instability. having a very strong password; We expect our website to comply with all applicable conventions. This includes information provided by players through our website; This is to ensure that games and activities are not compromised in any way. Although not disclosed to protect player data. Automation is the most common.

We have prepared this privacy policy. So the players will have confidence. Trust us to play through the website. Trust us to store and maintain your information when you use the Service and use it for purposes that are convenient for you.

3. Advertising information on the website provides valuable information and does not allow players to lose any rights and benefits when accessing the service. We will only use your personal information in one way or another if you do not choose to receive notifications. Phone numbers can be used to send helpful promotional messages directly or indirectly.

Exciting features and upgrades including our products and services. It must be decided before action. Earn rewards or money from us. Your name has been accepted. The name you allow to display ads and commercials without further consent. Unless prohibited by law

4. The website is authorized for users to access and use the website. Disobey the law, as required by law, so we have open privacy laws in place. Some people interested in using the service simply accept the terms and confirm that they are at least 18 years of age on the day they use the website. The user has not reached the age limit. The website of this privacy policy asks users not to use the website in any way. We do our best to keep people young. Use the Website on behalf of another user of the Website that we provide in this version.

5. Complaint Rights and Customer Service Members Appeals; You have the right to ask questions and ask for help. All forms of data processing need help storing different types of data. Use of Personal Information; If there are problems with traffic or any transaction, that information does not match. Complaints and information requests can be made.